SFW: Mentorships

The time-honored tradition of working one-on-one with a mentor to develop your skills and further your dreams and goals is held in high regard at Santa Fe Workshops. We are acutely aware that a well-chosen mentor provides guidance, wisdom, support, counsel, perspective, expertise and coaching over a sustained period of time. The benefits of a working with a mentor can be substantial to life altering.

As photographers, writers, and artists, it’s often challenging to find time in our busy lives to follow our passion and create new work. Picking up our camera or dawning our pen and paper to venture out and explore new ideas once a month or only when on holiday is not enough for most. We have found that a mentorship provides structure and brings a level of accountability to producing work on a regular basis.

Our Mentorship program offers you the unique opportunity to expand your knowledge and skills and refine your creative voice by working one-on-one with a master photographer or writer from anywhere in the world. In today’s technologically connected world, it’s easy work with a mentor long distance—all communications occur via phone or online.

Our mentors champion your work—guiding and supporting your dreams and aspirations as an amateur or professional. Topics covered are wide ranging and arise from your individual needs and questions. Mentorships are often goal-oriented; it could lead to exhibiting in a gallery, getting published, building a stronger portfolio for graduate school, developing a business plan to start your career, or improving your work by refining your personal vision and style. You and your mentor define the goals and then custom design your path to achieve them together.


Santa Fe Workshops has carefully chosen eight of our most popular instructors as mentors. These accomplished photographers and writers are also skilled teachers, having proven over many years of teaching workshops for us to be exceptional communicators, emphatic educators and reliable people. Chose one to be your mentor:

Rick Allred
Susan Burnstine
Karen Divine
Elena Dorfman

Pam Houston
Arthur Meyerson
Jason Langer
Sarah Leen & Bill Marr

Eddie Soloway
Jennifer Spelman
Nevada Wier


Mentorship Level One
This program includes eight sessions with your mentor spread over six-to-eight months. Each session consists of a 60-minute conversation (phone, Zoom, Skype, iChat, etc.) with your mentor approximately every three weeks. These sessions may include assignment reviews, critiques or technical help.

  • Mentorship Level One (eight sessions): $2,850

Mentorship Level Two
This program includes 17 sessions with your mentor spread over 12-to-15 months. Each session consists of a 60-minute conversation (phone, Zoom,Skype, iChat, etc.) with your mentor approximately every three weeks. These sessions may include assignment reviews, critiques or technical help.

  • Mentorship Level Two (17 sessions): $4,750


Making the decision to embark upon a mentorship to move your photography or writing forward is a major decision. The first formal step is to speak with Reid Callanan, Founder and CEO of Santa Fe Workshops. In addition to answering your questions, Reid will expect you to articulate your goals for a mentorship and have reviewed the mentor biography. Together, you and Reid will decide if you are ready for a mentorship and which mentor(s) would fulfill your goals. The next step is to write down your goals and share them in a conversation with your potential mentors. Once you have chosen a mentor and mutually agreed upon your goals, it’s time to register with The Workshops and start the program with your first session.

Email Reid Callanan, rcallanan@santafeworkshops.com, to discuss your goals for a mentorship. When you are ready to register, call The Workshops, 505-983-1400, ext. 111.